Tech Optics supplies ARINC 801 fibre optic connectors for aerospace and military applications. Based on the commercial ARINC 801 specification, this series features a removable alignment sleeve retainer (ASR) for ease of termini end face cleaning, guide pins for precision alignment and a scoop proof shell design.  Inserts are available to support 2 to 32-channels and can support both PC and APC variants.

We also offer genderless ARINC 801 termini which use a standard 1.25mm ferrule and sleeve that can be terminated with standard LC procedures. The terminus is available in both multimode and single mode versions and can be inserted or removed from the connector with a standard size 16 contact removal tool. The fibre optic contact provides low insertion loss (0.3dB max, multimode) and high return loss (-55dB, APC).


  • Qualified to the ARINC 801 specification
  • Precision alignment and components provide excellent optical performance
  • Supports standard suite of 38999 backshells and accessories
  • Removable insert facilitates termini cleaning
  • Scoop-proof design prevents termini end face from being touched by the front of the mating connector
  • High-density arrangements up to 32-channels