Diamond Harsh Environment Products

Tech Optics supplies and supports Diamond fibre optic components and assemblies

Diamond products incorporate active core alignment (ACA) to provide the /

The Tech Optics difference

Tech Optics….

  1. DiaFlex

    The Diamond DiaFlex is a rugged MT connector which enables fast and efficient connection of multi-fibre MT ferrules.

    We recommend this product if...

    • ... flexibility is required, e.g. in temporary installations
    • ... connections have to be upgraded or retrofitted
    • ... A preassembled system has to be used, e.g. with a flexPatch 1HE
    • ... you do not want to use expensive splices


    • Protective cap with feed-in eye
    • Simple to use on site and no expensive splicing work necessary
    • Robust metal fibre divider
    • Can be used flexibly thanks to the small external diameter
    • Client-specific connector types and cable lengths
    • Fibre breakout labelling as per client requirements


  2. AVIO / AVIM

    AVIO/AVIM are multipurpose, Commercial Off-The-Shelf fiber optic connectors offering high optical performance and qualified for the dynamic environments of mobile platforms, including avionics and aerospace.


    • Compact, low profile and lightweight
    • environmentally robust, Zirconia/Copper-nickel alloy insert ferrules
    • miniaturized MIL-style ratchet system with vibration/shock tolerances to 46 G’s.
    • Temperature test according to EIA/TIA 455-3A/4B. Lifetime test according to EIA/TIA 455-21A.


  3. Mini AVIM

    The Mini-AVIM connector has been developed after market request of a smaller and lighter version of our acclaimed AVIM connector for harsh environment, especially space applications. The Mini-AVIM combines two leading edge technologies: the AVIM MIL style ratchet system and the base construction of Diamond Micro Interface (DMI) connector. Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) availability and economy backed by  quick turnaround of terminations and assemblies. The Mini-AVIM is aligned precisely in rotation and therefore it can be used for both standard SM and MM fibres, as well as for PM technologies and multi-fiber ferrules. Our Power Solution (PS) technology can also be applied to this connector.


  4. F-3000™ CRB

    • The F-3000™ CRB (Circular Reverse Bayonet) connector system comes in either a single or dual channel configuration and provides exceptional optical performance in a robust, water and shock resistant VG 952340 compliant housing.
    • The rugged design makes it suitable for field-deployable communications, mobile diagnostic units, industrial machine networks, and machine controls installations requiring either long transmission distances, high data rates, or reliability in a harsh environment.
    • The F-3000™ CRB connector can be terminated on most MM and SM cable constructions. It is available with Diamond’s Active Core Alignment in both PC and APC finishes providing both low insertion and high return loss.
    • The F-3000™ CRB panel adapters includes 1 or 2 F-3000™ mating adapters PC or APC version, which combines the advantages of a spring-loaded metal protection shutters and an high precision alignment sleeve (zirconia).