Harsh environment fibre optic cabling

Harsh environment fibre optic specialist Tech Optics stocks and sources a complete harsh environment cable offering. We supply harsh environment cabling principally from the following companies:

Field Deployable Tactical Distribution Fibre Optic Cables are designed for military communications, weapons control, remote control links and operation in severe environments. These cables are also ideally suited for use in outside broadcast applications. They have been extensively tested and used by armed forces worldwide. They are designed to meet, and in many cases exceed, the following standards for field-deployable cable:

    • MIL-PRF-85045/8A (US Department Of Defence)
    • TFOCA and TFOCA II® (US Army)
    • A3159879 (US Army Communications-Electronics Command)
    • Def-Stan 60-1, Part 3 (UK Ministry Of Defence)
    • DOD certified facility for MIL-STD-790, Product Assurance Program

Along with these military accreditations all our assemblies are serialised for full traceability under our ISO 9001:2008 procedures, and are supplied with a test report.

Rugged tight buffered fibres are strengthened with aramid yarns and jacketed with water, sunlight, chemical and abrasion-resistant polyurethane. These cables are tough and very flexible for repeated deployment/retrieval applications such as field communications. Fibres are color-coded for easy identification.

  1. Distribution Mil-Tac Cable

    • Designed for use in adverse environments where reduced size and weight are important


  2. Breakout Mil-Tac Cable

    • Extremely strong, lightweight, rugged, 
    • Used when a more rugged cable is desired,
    • Significant labor savings can be achieved in connectorization