Power Meters

  1. AF-OM120A

    The OM120A is the ideal tool for measuring optical power of both multimode and single mode applications. With enhanced features such as 0.01dB resolution and Watts readout along with the popular Testing Procedure Guide for in field referencing the OM120A has become a leader in it class.

    All power meter detectors are potted in a threaded housing enabling adapter versatility and come standard with a 2.5mm universal adapter (AD-100).


    • Multimode & Single Mode
    • 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm & 1550nm
    • Absolute (dBm) / Watts & Relative (dB) Reading
    • 0.01dB or 0.1dB (user selectable)
    • Zero Reference Function
    • Back Light
    • Auto Power Off Function
    • TIA Testing Procedure Guide
    • NIST Traceable
    • Protective Rubber Boot

  2. AF-OM220A

    This Rugged optical power meter is the ideal tool for measuring optical power of both multimode and single mode applications. When used with an LED source or a laser source the AF-OM220 can be used to measure insertion loss (attenuation) in both multimode and single mode fiber optic cables whilst saving 500+ results and readings. Using the supplied Windows® Compatible software and USB or serial connection, test records may be transferred to a PC for storage, display, printing, and analysis.

    All power meter detectors are potted in a threaded housing enabling adapter versatility and come standard with 2.5mm universal adapters (AD-100).


    • Single Mode and Multimode
    • 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm & 1550nm
    • Absolute (dBm/mW) & Relative (dB) Reading
    • Zero Reference Function
    • Back Light
    • Auto Power Off Function
    • Stores 500+ Results (time and date stamped)
    • Windows® Compatible Software
    • NIST Traceable
    • Test Procedure Guide
    • Protective Rubber Boot

  3. NEW
    PowerChek OP-1 Optical Power Meter

    PowerChek OP-1 Optical Power Meter

    The PowerChek is an innovative new Optical Power Meter that equips fibre technicians with the ability to complete jobs faster, correctly, and on time – the first time. This compact Optical Power Meter not only measures optical power, it also provides additional benefits that allow them to ensure safe measurements, document results, generate reports, and integrate with other devices to enable numerous additional capabilities.


    • Eliminate the test lead when measuring optical power
      PowerChek connects directly with the bulkhead being tested by utilizing PowerChek connectors that attach to the device.
    • Always ensure a safe test
      By contacting the ferrule, instead of the fiber, the PowerChek will not damage the link under test.
    • Easily access your connections in any location
      Adjustable arm optimizes access to connector ports in densely populated and difficult to reach locations.
    • Pair with your mobile device over Bluetooth
      Use with FiberChekMOBILE app to measure & store readings in real-time, generate reports, and share results via email, etc.



    • Measure power and loss in general and high power applications in long-haul, metro, access and local area networks with wavelengths ranging from 780 to 1625 nm
    • Use with VIAVI light source to detect modulation frequency and identify individual fibers.
    • Integrate with both FiberChekPRO and FiberChekMOBILE to run tests, export data, provide certification reports and manage acceptance criteria.

    Key Features 

    • Inter-Changeable PowerChek connectors provide direct testing to bulkhead port.
    • PowerChek connectors available in multiple types, including SC, LC, LC-APC, SC-APC, and more.
    • Bluetooth enabled for pairing with other devices
    • Micro-USB port to for PC connection to FiberChekPRO or charge device
    • Store up to 125 test results directly on the device.
    • Touch-screen display
    • Re-chargeable Li-ion battery provides 12 hours continuous use

  4. SmartPocket OLP-37

    Powerfully Simple: VIAVI Advances Handheld Optical Testing with the SmartPocket OLP-37

    Introducing an all-in-one wavelength selective power meter for testing FTTx and RFoG PON systems

    March 24, 2015 — VIAVI, the industry’s global fiber optic test leader, has announced the newest member of the SmartPocket family—the OLP-37 FTTX + RFoG and PON power meter. Field service teams worldwide use these essential fiber test tools to secure passive optical network (PON) quality and performance.

    The field-proof, compact optical power meter’s simple, easy to use interface boasts impressive capabilities such as:

    Embedded filter to selectively measure 1490 and 1550 nm wavelengths; RFoG and FTTx downstream signals to get precise information quickly about the active network elements and the passive distribution network quality

    Return-path testing for 1610 nm RFoG upstream signals to ensure the CPE is working within the specified standards

    A single optical port with field-interchangeable adapters for a quicker, more convenient workflow

    The OLP-37 offers a robust feature set to minimize capital expenses. Like all SmartPocket family members, it includes a three-year calibration interval which reduces operational costs.

    Use Case

    Broadband and access market dynamics are forcing operators and service providers to reduce turn-up times as much as possible while maintaining a best-in-class user experience. Fierce competition and the need to reduce costs only compound the pressure as their optical networks operate at capacity. Therefore, they use the highest possible splitter ratios and the longest fiber links to pack as many subscribers as technically possible onto one PON segment. The OLP-37 can precisely measure power in seconds to ensure that any FTTx and RFoG PON system is operating within its specified limits, thus avoiding network disruptions.

    VIAVI offers a full range of fiber inspection and cleaning solutions, portable test instruments, and monitoring systems to meet all of your fiber-optic network needs, from installation and provisioning to maintenance and service assurance. For more information, visit our "Get Fiber Smart" page.

  5. VIAVI OLP-82/82P

    The new OLP-82 from VIAVI is the first handheld tool to combine pass/fail fibre inspection and optical power measurement (OPM) into one solution. As part of the new VIAVI SmartClass Fibre family, the OLP-82 helps service providers guarantee a lifetime of system performance from their network connectivity and gives users an essential tool for delivering best-in-class reliable networks to their customers.


    • Field-portable OPM with multiple calibrated wavelengths from 780 to 1625 nm
    • Automated pass/fail analysis for fibre inspection and test
    • Supports both industry-standard and user-definable acceptance criteria
    • Available with integrated Patch Cord Microscope (PCM)
    • Integrated connector certification reports
    • Onboard storage for fibre inspection and test results
    • Connects to a PC via USB to export data and manage acceptance criteria using FiberChekPRO™ software
    • Two USB ports to connect additional devices such as a P5000i microscope
    • Automatic fibre-image centring
    • Modern, smartphone-style user interface with touch screen
    • Rugged, weather-proof design


    Complete jobs faster, correctly, and on time—the first time

    Integrates fibre inspection and test for an efficient, easy-to-use solution that promotes best practices for handling fibre

    Analysis with pass/fail results on one handheld device

    Automatically and easily qualifies fibre end-face condition and measures optical power making even new technicians fibre experts

    Easily generates certification reports

    Provides a verifiable record that work quality meets industry standards and customer specifications

    Use it anywhere

    A portable, organized, hands-free carrier for easy use inside homes, at demarcation points, or up on telephone poles and cell towers

    Combines Inspection and Test in One Handheld Device

    Use either the onboard patch-cord microscope (PCM) or connect a P5000i digital analysis microscope to inspect fibre end faces on patch cords or through bulkheads and eliminate poor-quality components from entering your network.

    Automatic Image Centring

    This convenient feature centres the fibre image on the screen.

    Ultimate Portability and Organisation

    The hands-free carrier stores all essential tools, such as the inspection microscope, visual fault locator, and cleaning materials, in an organized, portable system that you can take with you to every job.

    Benefits of Using P5000i and PCM Together

    Optimises technician performance with tools designed for workflow

    Improves network activation with a reliable, repeatable processes

    Enables quick and easy inspection of both female (bulkhead) and male (patch cord) fibre connectors without changing tips