1. FPM-HDA-600

    As a compact version of the Advanced Polishing Machines, Domaille's Field Polishing Machine (FPM-HDA-600) can be transported for on-site fibre optic cable installation and emergency repair use. It is designed to achieve the same accuracy as the larger machines, but with fewer features.


    • Cycle Start Button allows the operator to initiate the cycle. 
    • One Digital Countdown Timer ensures precise control and process repeatability. 
    • Robust Design uses the highest-quality materials such as hardened stainless steel and hard-coated aluminium. 
    • Force Adjuster slides mechanically and locks into place allowing the operator to change the platen force to meet varying specifications of fibre optic terminations. 
    • Cable Management System routes cables away from the polishing process. 
    • Requires 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz for operation.