DE 2800 Series

  1. Optispec® DE2800 Series Microscopes

    Domaille's new DE2800 Optispec® series MT Inspection Microscope. Our scope provides high resolution and blue LED illumination to view any contamination on ferrules. Our DE2800 series accommodates all of the standard APC and PC connectors including the entire MT series of multi-fiber connectors. The DE2800 series features the same convenient 4 position stage found on our DE2503 model.


    • Ideal tool for production inspection as well as laboratory inspection
    • Adjustable LED Ringlight Illumination and Blue LED Co-axial Illumination
    • High Resolution CCD Video
    • Video Magnification 27X-224X
    • Long Working Distance Optics for UPC and APC Inspection
    • Receptacles available for UPC, APC & Multi Fiber connectors
    • Capable of inspection beyond guidepost locations on MT connectors