DE 2500 Series

  1. DE 2500 Series

    We are proud to announce the new Optispec® DE2500 series video microscope. This microscope is designed for large and small fiber optic cable assembly companies. The DE2500 series accommodates bare fiber inspection as well as all of the standard connector’s including the entire MT series of multi-fiber connectors. New blue LED illumination control eliminates problems associated with previous industry standard light source and improves contrast on minor scratches.


    • New Optispec® blue LED Illumination
    • High Resolution Video
    • Quadruple Turret Nosepiece which allows for quick change of magnification
    • Total Video Magnification 150X-1000X (1400X Optional)
    • Long Working Distance Optics for UPC and APC Inspection
    • Receptacles for UPC, APC & Multi Fiber connectors
    • Available with optional Non-contact Interferometer Lens