HD3 displays

  1. VIAVI HD3-P Display

    The HD3-P display further expands the value of the popular HD3-series display for fibre end face inspection by integrating a patch cord viewing microscope into the compact design, resulting in significantly increased workflow efficiency and decreased total inspection time. The HD3-P combines the power of two microscopes into one system, allowing simultaneous inspection of both the female (bulkhead) and male (patch cord) sides of a fibre interconnect.

    • Quickly, easily inspect both sides of fibre interconnects
    • Inspect bulkhead with probe and patch cord with display, simultaneously
    • Streamline your INSPECT BEFORE YOU CONNECT process


    • Two microscopes in one system
    • 1.8-in TFT LCD to view clear, crisp, detailed images of fibre end faces with optimum resolution
    • Ergonomic small form factor design for ultimate portability
    • 200X or 400X magnification patch cord microscope in display
    • GripSwitch™ for power save mode (conserves battery life)