The Norland Advantage Multifiber System is an automated non-contact interferometer designed for measuring the end face geometry of fiber optic connector surfaces including multifiber connectors, fiber arrays, single and, PC/APC connectors. The Advantage fiber combines the features of Norlands' renowned single fiber interferometer with an improved, higher-resolution multifiber interferometer system. This combination yields the most versatile, easy-to-use system available today for fiber optic testing.  


  • Automatic measurement of:
      • Radius of Curvature
      • Endface Angle
      • Flatness Deviation
      • Planar fiber height and differential planar fiber height for multiple rows of twelve (12) fibers.
      • Core dip for Multimode connectors
  • Patented True Angle Connector Mounts with Integral Guide Pins for MT, Mini-MT, MPO, MPX, MTP and MT-RJ connectors.
  • Automatic Angle Calibration
  • Automatically switch between Red and White Light Interferometric Modes.
  • Gauge fiber protrusion and undercut to the submicron level.
  • Fiber Masking for custom connector measurements.
  • 3D color wire frame display
  • Color Contour Map with Profiles.
  • Measure wide areas with Multiple Image Overlay Software.
  • Measure flat and angled connectors without changing the mount by using the Variable Tilt-Stage with accuracy to 0.01 ° .
  • NIST traceable standard at 0 ° and 8 ° for tilt angle.