The AC-3005 incorporates a Michelson interferometric objective lens on an inverted microscope with a built-in camera and a high-speed computer. With its user-friendly Windows NT software it provides immediate 3D topographical information on the surface being inspected.The AC-3005 is the first system for array connectors that automatically measures planar fibre height for up to 18 fibres per connector. Utilising the new Multiple Image Overlay Software, it takes measurements across the surface and combines them in a seamless display of the end-face geometry. Movement of the stage is automatic, and easy-to-follow instructions are displayed on the screen.


  • Norland 0º and 8° NIST traceable standard permits angular accuracy of ±0.01°.
  • Automatic measurement of: 
      • radius of curvature and angle of the end face (vertical and horizontal along two axes), 
      • planar fiber height and differential planar fiber height for up to 24 fibers, 
      • flatness deviation, 
      • core dip values (multimode fibers).
  • Autofocus and angle correction features offer higher product throughput without sacrificing accuracy.
  • Rugged inverted microscope design for easy levelling and integration into a variety of production processes.
  • World class, infinity corrected optics assure superior resolution.
  • The variable tilt stage with micrometer control between 0°–13° with NIST traceable accuracy to ±0.01°.
  • Choose measurement data to be displayed in Excel and customize pass/fail standards that follow IEC and TIA Guidelines.
  • Obtain roughness measurements both Ra and Rq.
  • True Angle™ Connector Mounts* offer extreme accuracy and repeatability with fixed stop plates and pins or guide holes. Edge alignment mounts allow you to view the entire connector end face.
  • Mounts for MT, Mini-MT, Fotron, MiniMAC, MPO, MPX, MTP and MT-RJ connectors.
  • Widest variety of mounts available from stock inventory (custom mounts also available).