The AC-3000 is a fully automated, non-contact interferometric microscope designed for measuring the end-face geometry of fibre optic surfaces such as connector assemblies, ferrules and optical fibres. Using a versatile inverted microscope with a built-in camera and a high-speed computer, the AC-3000 provides immediate 3D topographical information on the surface being inspected. Able to provide results under a variety of experimental conditions, monochromatic red light interferometry is fast (less than 3 seconds) for smooth surfaces, which have step heights of less than one half wave length, whilst white, broad band, light interferometry gives the “True View” of rough surfaces with step-heights of ±4 microns.


  • NIST traceable calibration standards for radius of curvature and fiber height on 2.5 mm connectors and 1.25 mm connectors.
  • NIST traceable standard for 0°-8° Angle Tilt Stage
  • World class, infinity corrected optics assure superior resolution and the ability to see scratches and surface imperfections even in the interferometric mode.
  • Mireau type interferometer objective is factory calibrated and requires no field adjustment.
  • A variable tilt mount with micrometer control between 0°–13° with accuracy of ±0.01°
  • Patented “Locking V-Groove” mount adjusts for small variations in ferrule diameter.
  • Accommodates PC/APC FC, SC & ST and E2000 connectors.
  • Custom mounts for LC, MU, MT/MTRJ, D4 and other specialized connectors.
  • Simple, three point leveling with thumbscrews requires no tools and assures perpendicularity the stage to the optics.
  • Autolevel software corrects for sub-micron variations in stage level to give accurate and repeatable offset measurements.
  • Easy selection of pass/fail standards conforming to IEC or Telcordia 
  • Customize pass/fail standards that follow Telcordia formulas.
  • Software offers the ability to measure the cleave and key angle of a bare fiber and sections of multifiber connectors.