Reel cleaners

  1. Ferrule Mate

    The Ferrule Mate is a unique product for cleaning ferrule end faces inside and outside of patch panels and enclosures.

    The cleaning cloth at the tip can reach the ferrule end face inside an adaptor panel; the special protection cap can hold a ferrule or connector and allow cleaning the ferrule end face without adaptors.

    The Ferrule Mate has an adjustable tip for angle-mounted adaptors. This tool can be used for over 300 cleaning wipes.



    • SFM-125 (1.25mm Ferrule)
    • SFM-250 (2.50mm Ferrule)

  2. Optipop reel cleaners

    The NTT-AT Optipop Reel Cleaner is a dry-cloth cleaning system that provides excellent cleaning performance for MT ferrules, MTP®, MPO, MT-RJ and single-fibre connectors.

    One squeeze of the lever advances the required amount of fresh cleaning cloth for each cleaning. The remainder of the cloth stays inside the dispenser and is protected from the environment until you are ready for the next cleaning.

    This unique cleaning fabric was developed to provide no damage to the fibres resulting in improved end face fibre performance. During recent testing, after 100 consecutive cleanings, there was no visible increase in scratches under 200X magnification.



    • One Slot A800304
    • Two Slot A800404
    • MPO/MTP, MT with pins A800405
    • MT-RJ with pins A800406

  3. Cletop reel cleaners

    • One-push operation. Available for both left- and right-handed operators.
    • Easy-to-replace tape cartridge 
    • The tape can be replaced very easily by a "drop-in" cartridge.
    • Has excellent anti-static properties for static sensitive applications and can avoid dust re-attaching after the cleaning process.



    • Order Code: 14110601

  4. MTP/MPO Reel Cleaners

    The MTP I.B.C. (In Bulkhead Cleaner) is the first dry cloth cleaner specifically designed to clean the MTP/MPO connectors while inside of an adapter, face-plate or bulkhead.

    The unique design enables cleaning of either male (with pins) or female (without pins) MT ferrules, single mode APC or multimode. This is an essential tool for networking equipment, such as switches and routers.



    • Order Code: 7104-MPO