Polarisation Maintaining

  1. Polarisation Maintaining

    • Polarisation Maintaining fiber optic connectors and their termination process are particularly designed to meet the most challenging optical performance requirements.
    • Tech Optics provides high performance PM terminations directly to both passive and active optical devices as well as for pigtails and patchcords assemblies. Standard assemblies are made with Panda PM fiber for operation at 1310nm or 1550nm wavelengths and are available in both PC and APC finishes in various connector styles (E-2000™, SC, FC, DIN, DMI).
    • All standard assemblies are 100% tested for Insertion Loss, Return Loss and Extinction Ratio. Other fiber types such as Bow Tie, Oval inner clad, Oval Core, D-Fiber, connector styles, and wavelengths requirements can be accommodated to meet your specific application needs.
    • E-2000™ available as PM Standard, IP65 and/or IP65/EtO sterilisable version. With cut-out for E-2000™ LED connectors.